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Life ain’t nothing but a good groove
A good mixtape to put you in the right mood

I’ve been making mixtapes for nearly as long as I can remember. While I rarely use a cassette to hold the finished product, in my mind any curated selection of songs saved in a specific order qualifies as a mixtape; the term has transcended the medium.

Since 1997, when I learned of the existence of mp3s, I’ve been sharing mixtapes online in the format of shared playlists. Here are the mixtapes I’ve created and shared so far, or at least the ones I’ve had the time to migrate from the old site to this one:

Date Title Notes
May 18 1997 The Cocktail Hour now with an extra 90 minutes of drinking time!
Sep 27 1998 Bits and Pieces what we jokingly referred to as “elevator music”
Apr 12 1999 College Daze songs that remind me of my college DJ days
Jan 01 2000 Bombs Over London a reminiscence of the ’90s Britpop Scene
Jan 14 2001 Raver Daze what we raved to when rave was a new thing
Oct 07 2005 On My Radar, October ’05 some recent additions to my music library
Feb 02 2006 Melancholy songs to make me sad, songs to help me heal
Mar 08 2006 On My Radar, March ’06 some recent additions to my music library
Apr 29 2006 Sarah Bunny this mix is from a CD my friend Sarah Bunny made for me to take on my extended road trip
May 13 2006 On My Radar,
May ’06
some recent additions to my music library
Sep 03 2006 On My Radar, September ’06 some recent additions to my music library
Dec 25 2006 Crash Course in My Kinda’ Music originally created as a CD for my friend Diane in response to her asking “What kind of music IS this?” while we were in my car
Nov 30 2007 It Finally Works This mix took forever to perfect, and when I finally got it to work I named it what I was thinking.
Apr 03 2008 Please Have This Mix the only mix I recall ever being given to me by a girl I was dating
Jan 23 2011 Inspiration created while sitting in Brown’s Coffee Shop in Lisbon
Mar 31 2012 Only in a Car. And Alone. Pump up the volume, but only if no one else can hear!
Sep 29 2012 Hope You Like It Hope made me a Mix CD, so I made her one back.
Feb 20 2013 About That Time Here’s some stuff I’ve been playing at parties lately. Lately is a loose term.
Nov 21 2013 Just Doing My Job Custom-designed background music for getting some work done around the home or office
Mar 13 2014 Have a Pleasant Day Lovely songs for a lovely day

note: I’m still in the process of converting the mixtapes into a format that can be shared via this blog. I’ll continue to add to the above list until they are all here.


2 Responses to “Mixtapes”

  1. Starfish says:

    I really like inspiration and parts of melancholy.


  2. pooparelli says:

    i heart them all! <3


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