Is It 2004 Yet?

By , December 5, 2003

Tomorrow the December holiday party season begins in earnest. I shouldn’t complain, for I make a significant percentage of my annual income in the month of December, but it comes at a cost. While everyone else is enjoying the holiday season, taking vacations, shopping for gifts, and generally making merry, I am hard at work. In some years I have had 15 day stretches in which I have at least one event per day. Some days I have had as many as five simultaneous events. It really ruins the month, and makes me dread December. I really cannot wait for this month to be over.

In fact, I am already looking forward to New Year’s Eve, as I think this is going to be one of the rare and wonderful years in which I don’t have to DJ that night. I read about a neat party on an aircraft carrier, at which a big band will play a salute to Benny Goodman. That sounds like my kind of New Year’s Eve party!

Pessi is going to be in town, and I imagine she will want to drag Fizzy and I to some swanky, trendy night spot, but I’ll definitely put in my sales pitch for the big band. Either way, the highlight of it all will be kissing my girlfriend at midnight. Though this will be the sixth time the calendars have changed since we met, it will be our first New Year’s Eve together, for in previous years either she has been in Los Angeles, or I have been working. I can hardly wait for a Fizzified smoochero come y2.04k.

Let the casino parties begin! Today’s Question: Do you hit a 3 card 16 vs. a dealer’s 10?


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  1. MandyMae says:

    Of course you do. There is little chance you will win with a 16 anyway, so you may as well give it a shot! Life is all about taking chances!



  2. HELENAS says:

    CASINOS ARE AWESOME AND I HATE THEM..I am getting my deck of cards ready…

    In response to your question I am from the Bay…and Mike is the reason why I am the luckiest girl in the world! =)


  3. shadowluv says:

    I think you hit unless your at 17 or more, right? Heck I’m a terrible gambler. heheheh

    By the way, I mentioned your name in Alanism ‘s site. He was speaking of Metrosexuals and I indicated you have written about them as well and he may like to read. Was that what you meant when you said you were mentioned? How did you know you were mentioned? hmmmmm


  4. i would hit if dealer has 10 showing. if dealer has a 5 or 6, i probably wouldn’t, in hopes that he’d get two cards to take him over, but with a 10, you gotta go for it.


  5. I wld hld at 16, since dealer is prob going to win anywy, chnces are, if I take anoth card, it will push me over. Mybe dealer will end up bsting! :)

    How was Casino Party! I wnt to hear all abt the fun I missed.

    NYE! Cme watch Tracy sing !! ~PK


  6. Lizzykat says:

    i wouldn’t hit… the chances of busting are too great


  7. Pink Glove says:

    i can’t wait to see you both :)


  8. CBRichard says:

    Hey, how have ya been? Looks like this is a busy time of year for you, which is a good thing. Take care.


  9. Whoa-ho ! Wht is hppng wth your xanga ?? Hve you given up ?? Dn’t do tht ! Your insightful blogs are grtly missed – pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up now ! ;)

    Happy Holidays !! ~PK


  10. shadowluv says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Greg! Party hard…


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