Salt N’ Pepa – Tramp

By , September 18, 2003

For a few years now I have been using mp3 files when DJ’ing, but as the process of converting a song from vinyl to mp3 is a somewhat slow and painstaking one, I’ve been running a hybrid vinyl/digital system. Gradually, however, I’m working through my vast record collection and digitizing the files, and the eventual goal of DJ’ing straight from a computer is slowly becoming a reality. Lately I’ve been working through stacks of old rap records from the ’80s, and this afternoon I came across this song:

Currently Playing: Salt N’ Pepa – Tramp

Salt N’ Pepa repurpose a sample from the soul classic of the same name into their song, and in doing so incorporate the down home, country roots of the term tramp with its present-day meaning. While to modern ears a tramp is a female who is promiscuous, either in act or dress, the older meaning of the word was more akin to a hobo. In Salt N’ Pepa’s world, a tramp is a shabby, wannabe player, not much different from what TLC dubbed a scrub a few years back.

Salt N' Pepa - Tramp

Today’s entry is therefore dedicated to all my female readers. Consider it a poeticized how-to for playa-hatin’ all those would-be mack daddies and self-styled pimps, set to a grinding 4/4 beat. After all, don’t think I haven’t I noticed that a preponderance of my readership, or at least those readers who comment on my posts, is female. I suppose this makes sense– boys and girls do like to interact with one another. Just don’t get your hopes up, ladies; this pea is spoken for.

Today’s Question: Do you run into a lot of tramps?


12 Responses to “Salt N’ Pepa – Tramp”

  1. YukiTonbo says:

    first to comment again…hahah…..


  2. ThursdayNext says:

    I forget. Do tramps get paid? Or are they just a step down from a slut? Hmmmmm…deep thoughts by ThursdayNext.


    Peasprout Reply:

    @ThursdayNext, A tramp, at least in the context of this song, is a pimp daddy playa guy who’s trying to score. Like the song says, he’s got the fat chains, gold rings, even rockin’ a gold tooth.


  3. Sorry to break up your streak of female commentors. I’ve been ripping a lot of music to mp3s lately, so I know how long that process can take. But its seems like it’ll be will be worth it in the end.

    Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’ve seen a lot of tramps lately.


  4. CBrichard says:

    Hey Peasprout, you do have a few male readers! To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ve seen very many tramps around lately either. Oh yeah, and the person that was cropped out of my pic is my dear mother. Take care.


  5. Great Site!. I hope you dont mind, but I subbed to you..You can do the same as well if you want.


  6. words_r_art says:

    Yes sirreee, I sho do! Both the female and male species, in fact. The men who think they are so sauve that when they hit on me and I say that I am married -they then say, “that’s ok baby….you could always use more good friends right.” Uh, no I can’t…not yo kind anyways. Oh and the females, yeah, let me tell you about these tramps. Mmm Hmmm! (finger waving in the air with head bobbin) I know you didn’t think you could siddle up to me and pretend that you are this open bisexual chick, in order to try to get in my husband’s pants. I can smell your plastic a mile away. Unlike you I really like pussy, and if my husband and I invite anyone into our bedroom it will be someone real enough to be into both of us. We do have some boundries, ya gotta do!


  7. kandykisses says:

    hahaha, your comment on my page made me laugh. my friend converted all his cds to we cant even borrow it cuz we need an mp3 player. and yes, its a long process..can we say no life? haha, im just playing. ALL lines from guys are lame. some are cute lame, some are get-out-of-my-face-lame. take cares!


  8. MandyMae says:

    I’m just an unusual Alabamian I suppose.


  9. Yasmin Bonato says:

    I appreciate your wordpress web template, would you mind telling me where you get a hold of it from? Thanks in advance!


    Peasprout Reply:

    @Yasmin Bonato, It isn’t available anywhere, as it is something a friend and I created together.


  10. Sandy says:

    Salt N’ Pepa Tramp was the jam!


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