Missing People

By , June 15, 2003

Desmond Dekkar’s “Shanty Town” is playing as I write, the strains of which remind me of my college days and all the ska shows I used to attend with my friends. College was not that long ago, yet I’ve lost touch with pretty much everyone in my social group at that time. Dave, Rudy, Anna, Sumi, Rusty, Coco, Justine, Justine’s Sister whose name I can’t recall, Andrew, Townson, Bobby, Julia… I have no idea where any of those folks are now. I guess that’s the hazard of staying in your college town after graduation; everyone else moves away. Eventually something will appear on the internet to reconnect everyone, right? I mean, there is porn galore, sports everywhere, and every imaginable object for sale or auction, why not a find-your-old-friends web page?

There isn’t much more to today’s post than a reminiscence of old friends. Not to mention that it’s Father’s Day. Most likely I can track down my missing friends if I try hard enough, but there’s no way to see my dad again.

Today’s Question: Who do you miss the most, and why are you no longer in touch with him or her?

I *am* going to see my mom today. Fizzy and I are about to head to ye olde homestead to pick cherries from her tree. There is a rumor of peaches as well; I hope it’s a true rumor! You see, mommy has a plethora of fruit and vegetable plants and trees of all sorts, so peaches seems very possible.


3 Responses to “Missing People”

  1. Auriale says:

    I’m already missing a lot of ppl, school withdrawal…… yes those are pain meds……. i was clenching my jaw in my sleep which resulted in me feeling an ear infection….. so they prescribed me those cuz of my stress levels.


  2. mortsci3 says:

    This might sound a lil odd, but I miss myself. NO, I’m not crazy. I miss the old me. I remember running around in the yard and being carefree. It seems like when I was younger I had so much to look forward to. I loved being young. Now, I have a good job, and graduated from college, but I feel like there is so much more that I need but can’t have. OK I am going to stop now because I am gonna get all emotional. But, yeh, I miss me.


  3. Janetets says:

    A response to Peasprout’s Question of the day…

    The person I miss the most is me. I haven’t seen her for awhile, the mischievous sparkle in her eye, the crazy off the wall stunts, her playful nature, the stubborn spirit, and the velvety laughter. She left without any notice…no signs or letters…nothing…Not sure when she’s coming back either. I sit patiently in the dark awaiting her return.


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