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Welcoming the Cocktail into the Blog Rotation

By , June 20, 2003

I’ve been wracking my brains to come up with topics for blogs. Most of my interests are not such that I think they make for entries that will appeal to my still limited, but growing, readership. So I sat down and listed the things in this world that appeal to me, and came up with one that I will incorporate into the rotation here: cocktails.

People drink, you see. I am a bit stuffy and old-fashioned when it comes to drinking, in that I prefer a carefully crafted cocktail to a beer or a stiff rum and Coke, but a drink is a drink. If anything, I’d like to see a return to the days of yore, when a night out drinking meant imbibing sophisticated and complex mixtures of obscure ingredients. Perhaps my future blogs will pave the way to such a Utopia.

So prepare yourself for my favorite drink recipes, and possibly some pointers on the art of cocktail mixing as a whole. Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to my current favorite drink, the sidecar.


Bar Hopping

By , March 11, 2003

The more I think about the blogging medium, the more I like it, but not as it is being used. Every blog I read, including the one I’m about to write, is written in the style of a diary entry. Such entries are only of real interest to the author, which is why they are typically kept in a private journal. I’m not saying that no one cares about another person’s day-to-day activities, but in general, I think that is the case.

A much more interesting usage of this new medium, at least to me, would include sharing informative essays, opinion pieces, short stories, and even novels via blog. This may be the direction I gradually take this blog, but in the meantime, here’s what I did tonight/ last night (it’s after midnight).

I went bar-hopping with Fizzy and her sister Pessimista. We started at Pow, which was almost empty, but fun nonetheless. The neat atmosphere made up for the lack of patrons. After a round of sidecars we headed to Wish. That place was more hopping– especially for a Monday. They even had a DJ playing some music.

At Wish we drank kamikaze shots, then Pessi brought back Carbomb shots. Except this was the first shot I’d seen that nearly filled a pint glass! I was a trooper and downed it in one large swig. As did Pessi. Fizzy sipped hers a bit until the Bailey’s coagulated. By then we had a round of watermelon shooters. The crowd was thinning out, so we rolled over to the Inner Sunset and the Shamrock.

That place is always a trip. I was with the only two female guests in the place, which makes sense for a Monday. It was just the regulars. And the 20 year-old that Pessi met there before; unfortunately he was there, too.

Fizzy and I got free Chocolate Cake Shooters from the bargirl. They really did taste just like Chocolate cake. Try this: shake vanilla-flavored vodka and Frangelico over ice and strain it into a shot glass. Coat a lemon wedge with sugar. Lick the sugar off, drink the shot, then bite the lemon. For some reason it will taste just like chocolate cake. Go figure. Pessi finally had the Belvedere and tonic she’d been wanting all night, and then a Tokyo Iced Tea that made her happily drunk. Somehow, I was still completely sober.

We had pizza at Seniore’s. I never know why they spell it that way. Then food next door at JT’s Diner, the 24-hour place on 19th and Taraval. It’s pretty lousy, but at that hour, one can’t complain. Besides, Fizzy and I had eaten pizza, so mostly just Pessi ate. A weird thing: Pessi hates carrots, but she liked the carrots that came with her food.

On the way home I got a ticket! The extremely not nice policeman said I’d turned left when there was a green light only for going straight. I’ll take his word for it. I had no idea where I was and was just trying to find the 101. I suppose it serves me right for ending up in the Sunset at half three in the morning.

Now I’m home, listening to music and unwinding before bed. Oh, before I go, let me tell you that I am selling something on eBay for the first time ever. Here is the link:

Pulp Disco 2000 CD Single

Disco 2000 is like the best song, ever. It is magical. It is the first thing Fizzy and I ever talked about. See what I mean? Magic!

I’ll try to remember to tell the story behind why I’m selling that next time. I am tired of typing. It’s like 4:14 am and I’m ready to sleep.


The Mundane Details of a Few Days in My Life

By , January 19, 2003

I suppose I’m overdue for an entry in this journal. I’ve been doing my research, namely reading other friends’ blogs and talking about the concept with them. A surprising (to me, at least) number of my friends have one of these online journals. I learned all kinds of neat stuff from them! For example, I’m supposed to be clever and have code-names for everyone; keeps things anonymous and all. If friends of friends read this, I don’t want to get said friends into trouble if I accidentally reveal some wicked deed. So, henceforth, only cute and clever code names will be used. So instead of “last night Nick cheated on Randy with Tom” I’ll have to come up with a less decipherable way to reveal that sordid affair to the world.

Now then, on to the events of my life since my first post. Because I’m sure people reallllly care. Let’s see… Friday was the card game my girlfriend and I set up via That’s a new social networking website some friends of mine have created. The card game turned out well. Elgiff came, whom we’ve only known from the site, so we all met her for the first time. She brought baked goods! Pessimista made pot roast, again, and Boy with Lisa Simpson Hair gave her a hard time about it. Sexy Singer was a no-show. My darling girlfriend Fizzy was there, of course, as it was at her and Pessi’s place. Who am I forgetting? Oh, umm…these darn codenames. How about A and K? That’s not terribly clever, but will suffice for now. They were there as well. They’re an awfully cute couple. Anyway, the mixer mixed well, except hardly any cards were played. We mostly talked, but it was fun.

Saturday– we dashed out of our apartment at noon and headed to dance lessons. Fizzy and I are taking a social dance class. We’re going to be really cool soon! Soon the day will come when we can go to clubs and waltz, cha cha, swing and rhumba, and by golly then people are going to like us, and we’ll make lots of new friends. But for now, we’re only learning.

After the lesson, Fizzy tagged along for my event that night. For those that care, it was a fiscal year end party for a corporate client. The party went really well– I was booked until 11:00, but they kept dancing until the hotel had to shut down at 12:30. In all, it was a 6-hour stint of DJing, which is kinda a lot, but the overtime money is a nice thing. :)

So that brings me pretty much up-to-date. I see that a couple people added comments to my journal. I imagine at this point few people read this. I think I’m going to need to come up with a better schtick than “what I did today” if I am to increase my readership.


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