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Favorite Cuisines: Italian, German, Korean

Favorite Dishes: waffles, crab, cioppino, rare steak, raw beef, clam chowder, hot soup in general, beets, stuffed artichokes, prawn cocktail, crusty bread, peas, potato-ish things, breakfast cereal esp. Grape Nuts

Favorite Desserts: really good pie, especially peach and lemon meringue, tapioca pudding, fresh doughnuts

Favorite Drinks: ice cold water, black coffee, hot tea, iced tea, martini, sidecar, Jameson & ginger ale, aviaton

Favorite Junk Foods: Oreo cookies, but only the cookie part

Best meal ever: My Mom’s cooking tops the list, but the best meal I ever had in a restaurant was at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans

My Original Recipes: this thing I make with Brussels Sprouts and bacon and eggs

Favorite Restaurants: Mario’s La Fiesta (r.i.p.), Arinell Pizza, Truly Mediterranean, Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack, The Smokehouse, Original Philippe’s, Apple Pan, Bad Waitress, Langer’s Deli, Stan’s Donuts of Westwood

Favorite Cafes: Caffe Mediterraneum (Berkeley), Steps of Rome (San Francisco) (r.i.p.), Pois (Lisbon), Bar Italia (London), Philz (San Jose)

Foods I hate: cucumber, melons, cilantro, coconut meat (but I like the milk); I am allergic to avocados, but I like them.


Where I shop: second-hand stores, Target, anyplace cheap

Where I wished I shopped: Savile Row, Brooks Brothers, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s, Bobby from Boston

Brands I love: whichever ones are cheap, yet snazzy

I like to wear: probably too much black

Can’t live without: my Chuck Taylors

Prized Possessions: this one black jacket I have

Guilty Pleasure: outlandish Versace shirts I find in charity shops


Favorite Shows: Daria, O’Grady, Seinfeld, Amos ‘n Andy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Quantum Leap, Breaking Bad, Sifl and Olly, Fawlty Towers, Arrested Development, South Park, Good Eats, The Simpsons

Favorite Channels: The N, Food Network

Favorite Reruns: Cosby Show

Most Addictive Show: Breaking Bad

Favorite Late Night Talk Show: Letterman in the ’80s, Jools Holland

Characters you relate to: Basil Fawlty

Favorite Theme Song: Sifl and Olly have a good one, so does Daria.

Show I Secretly Watch: If there were one, I wouldn’t keep it a secret. Oh wait– it’s Hannah Montana. For reals. But only sometimes.

Show I wished wasn’t cancelled: Arrested Development


Driving heck of far, making two songs mix together real good like, being really well-organized, ignoring ambient noises in my vicinity, wearing pajamas, Scrabble, gin rummy, working crossword puzzles, knowing random facts about fruits and vegetables, prestidigitation


Franklin Pierce Fan Club, Pajamas in Public, Sleep ’til Noon Society, Super Double Secret Party Planning Crew


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