By , November 21, 2009

Some things I like, off the top of my head and in no particular order: late nights at a diner, the older and cozier the better; dancing and/ or bouncing around in silly fashion when a DJ puts on a song I *really* like; pretending for a moment that I can actually sing (I actually can’t) whilst driving with the stereo up loud enough to mask my voice; hosting a party and mixing cocktails for friends and strangers, cooking a fabulous meal for people I care about; lying on a warm beach basking in the sun and doing absolutely nothing; sitting on that very same beach at night, staring wistfully into a bonfire and wondering what might have been.


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  1. nue says:

    hola greg! nuedy from xanga checking in. pretty snazzy blog and i will enjoy delving through the archives. we like a lot of the same things, only i would stare HOPEFULLY into a bonfire and wonder about what WILL be. :)


  2. fiona Wilson says:

    hey greg,

    Off to Sweden to delight in rollmop.
    email me x


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