Finding Nemo

By , November 13, 2003

Last summer I watched Finding Nemo. I won’t spoil anything, so don’t worry about reading this review if you haven’t seen the movie yet. Maybe they find Nemo, maybe they don’t.

I must say, I walked into the theater with some hesitation, as the previews for the film struck me as less than exciting. I only opted to see the film after remembering that even thought Monsters, Inc. looked awful to me in previews, I loved it. So I gave Finding Nemo a chance. Sure enough, while I did not enjoy it quite as much as I did Monsters, Inc., I found Finding Nemo to be great fun. For what it’s worth, my favorite fish in the film is Dori.

If you’re not familiar with the film, I will give you a bit of the story, and again, I promise not to spoil anything. Nemo, the son of a clownfish named Marlin, is captured by a fisherman, and Marlin sets off to rescue him. Much hilarity ensues.

Oh, and don’t be fooled. Nemo is lost, then found, in the first few moments of the film. I feared the film had ended and stood to leave the theater, feeling more than a little ripped off I must say, but it turned to be mere foreshadowing, and the film continued.


6 Responses to “Finding Nemo”

  1. Anonymous says:

    yay! nemo.. u know i saw that at costco… the BIG PLUSH stuffed nemo for 16$!!! i wanted it.. but my mommy wouldnt buy it for me… :(


  2. YukiTonbo says:

    blah…just another fisn that will eventually end up on my dinner table….


  3. shadowluv says:

    Nemo was really cute!


  4. I like the part where all the fishes tried to escape at the end and “walked” through the traffic. :D


  5. i havent watched Nemo yet. i felt the same bout Monsters, inc but i really liked it i guess i have to if Nemo does the same.


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