Manhattan (The Island This Time)

By , October 14, 2003

I’ll try to post a blog that provides greater details concerning our time in New York, but suffice to say that Sue and I are enjoying ourselves here. We’ve been walking all over the island of Manhattan, catching up with friends, and generally having fun. This morning we walked up the block from our hotel in search of a diner for lunch; lo and behold, what did we see? This:

Tom's Diner

Tom’s Restaurant was famously used for the exterior shots of the diner Seinfeld and his gang frequented, but it was previously famous as the diner Suzanne Vega sang about in the early ’90s hit “Tom’s Diner.” It became famous, twice! The food there is unremarkable, which is about par for the course for any diner, really.

Last night we walked about Times Square. This one-time hotbed for sin and debauchery has become pretty doggone wholesome. One can even watch a sporting event on the massive video screen. I daresay those are the Rams engaged in a heated match against, ummm, the Pirates? I don’t really know; one team was for sure called the Rams.

Times Square TV

I love the look of the Times Square Police Department’s sign.

Time's Square Police Station

That’s all I have for you at this time. I’ll return in a few days to share more pictures and stories of our trip to New York. In the meantime, help me fill in the blank above and choose an opponent for the Los Angeles, excuse me, St. Louis Rams. Today’s Question: What is your favorite football team?


13 Responses to “Manhattan (The Island This Time)”

  1. MandyMae says:

    Oh fun pictures. I so need to go to New York one day. My favorite football team: The Crimson Tide of course!! Go Alabama!!! Roll Tide! :D Have fun!!


  2. ThursdayNext says:

    Denver Broncos!!! Woo Hoo!! I love me some Shannon Sharpe. I’m gonna laugh if I got his name wrong. : ) : )


  3. YukiTonbo says:

    puaaahahahah……..i got too inspired.


    MandyMae Reply:

    @YukiTonbo, Peasprout Dept of Zanga.. hmm.. interesting…


  4. duhhhh the CAL FOOTBALL TEAM of course :*) but besides that, i guess the oakland raiders JUST b/c they share the same coliseum as my A’s!!! hehehe COME HOME SOON we miss ya here!


  5. Pickled Sour says:

    hm.. i wish i was in new york right now.. you must be havin the time of your life?


  6. blondbedhead says:

    the chargers!!! :D


  7. i dunno if this went thru but i said WOOhoo you know cheeky!? very cool. i’ll be going to NY next month so tell me the places that you think are worth visiting!


  8. Anonymous says:

    so how long are you in new york for? i didn’t realize you were booked so early for the trip. have fun!


  9. CBrichard says:

    Hey Pea, hope the trip is going well. Keep those pics coming. How long ya there for? By the way…NINERS, baby…yeah!


  10. YukiTonbo says:

    mmm….not an artist, maybe a designer, but i prefer to be called a magician.


  11. Hybrid_girl says:

    Nice…Tom’s Diner. I used to love that Suzane vega song!


  12. ca1b0y says:

    Nice. I feel like I’m in NY with the mix of pics with the BGM.

    Favorite football team? No other than Cal, of course! Go Bears!


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