An Utterly Ridiculous Post

By , October 13, 2003

While Peasprout is away on his vacation, we here at the Peasprout Dept. of Blogging will be checking in with him periodically and reporting back to you concerning his activities.

He has currently been sighted sitting at an outdoor table in front of the New York Public Library, sipping coffee with a beautiful woman. It looks as though he is using his laptop, but it’s hard to tell. We have just received confirmation that the woman is in fact Fizzy. We’ll send an agent to speak to them, and have the details of the conversation ready to be posted soon.

It turns out they were discussing where to eat dinner tonight.


7 Responses to “An Utterly Ridiculous Post”

  1. MandyMae says:

    interesting… so who is the agent?? or does he/she only go by a code.. hmm

    well.. have much fun.. get into trouble (but not too much)


  2. shadowluv says:

    Have a blast Pea! I’ll be waiting for updates…


  3. YukiTonbo says:

    Aaaaahhhh…….I can never make my zucchini right, i always OVER cook them.


  4. MandyMae says:

    i still think you should write about the song “mandy” that would so be the best..


  5. Hybrid_girl says:

    Have a nice vacation peasprout!


  6. Pickled Sour says:


    dont forget to ask for sweet tea!!


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