Gay Superheroes and DJ Toys

By , July 18, 2003

My girlfriend likes to watch television. I don’t watch too much television, so I can’t promise this is the best thing on, but she has found a program that I suppose I would say is my new favorite TV show. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is the name of the show; it is most hilarious.

The premise is that five openly homosexual men enter the life of some sloppy straight guy, and attempt to spruce up his life. Each member of the team has a specialty–cooking, fashion, grooming, decorating, and pop culture), and they each work on improving one aspect of the fellow’s life. While Carson, the fashion guru, takes the schmuck out shopping for clothes, Thom, the decorator, redoes the house. And I mean he redoes it. He paints, lays down tile, buys furniture, folds and organizes clothes… in other words, he completely changes the entire home. Ted the cook whips up a feast, then teaches the fellow how to recreate it. And all along they make hilarious, catty, and often downright rude remarks.

It is a fun show to watch.

Today’s Question: If you were drafted into a lifestyle super-group (gay or straight) what would be your area of expertise?

In unrelated news, I got a new toy today called Final Scratch. It consists of two records and a device that links a mixing board into a computer. The records play a tone that the computer translates, and duplicates the action of the record with an mp3. Did that make sense? Basically, it means that if I go “wikky wikky” with the record, the mp3 goes “wikky wikky” at the same time. So I can play just those two records, and have them “become” any song I have in mp3 form on my laptop. And I can scratch, mix, backspin, adjust the pitch or EQ… everything. It’s indistinguishable from using regular records. It also comes with CDs that play the same tone, so one can mix on CD decks the same way. The end result of all this is that instead of showing up with hundreds of records or CDs, I can just bring the laptop to an event, and not only can I do anything that I could with vinyl, I have thousands of songs at my disposal; more than I could ever carry with me. This is a huge stride forward for DJs.


3 Responses to “Gay Superheroes and DJ Toys”

  1. mortsci3 says:

    I would have to say I would be the organizer and the room designer. Those are my talents.


  2. YukiTonbo says:

    hahah…i guess there is nothing wrong to be a bit more feminine, better than being all rough and uncouth. be refined…be stylish…


  3. Janetets says:

    That is an excellent question btw…hm..use my powers for good… =-)

    I guess I would like to be the culture expert (though i don’t considered myself very cultured) its the closest thing to social expert. Or the grooming expert – i take very good care of my skin…not sure about my body…lol…


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