Not a Narcissist

By , March 29, 2009

I just took Dr. Drew’s Narcissistic Personality Inventory, but only scored an 8. The average person scores 15.3. While on one hand this is something of a silly, throw-away quiz, I must admit that it is fairly indicative of my personality. I do think I lack a certain sort of self-confidence. Which is not to say I hate myself. It’s more that I seldom make a fuss about myself, or stand up for myself. Conversely, I’ve always been very good at standing up for other people, even strangers; just not myself.

I wonder if fixing this is as simple as doing the opposite of what I said I’d do in the quiz?


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  1. Shy___Away says:

    Interesting. I scored a 2. And I think I’d describe myself much the same as you did in the last few sentences.



    Peasprout Reply:

    @Shy___Away, You must be a pea from the same pod of peasprouts that hatched me.


  2. Lucy says:

    At least you have half of that trait. There are people in this world that neither do they stand up for themselves nor other people. They just let people step on them. If you stand up for people, I’m sure they stand up for you.


  3. starfish says:

    The whole not being willing to protect the self but easily protect others could be connected to shyness. I read about this like 4 years ago in Zimbardo’s ‘Shyness’, so I’m not 100% sure. You have a right to defend yourself, just like everyone else.

    I got a 17, which is kind of funny. If I’ve been dating a guy for a while and he doesn’t notice I did something different I’ll prod him about it. But there are some things I could look into, to better myself in terms of self-sufficiency. Sometimes I won’t stand by what I think in group projects even though I find out later I’m right, I did that twice in the last week. I used to rarely depend on others, but sometimes I have to deligate responsibilities which is risky but important for getting more done. I also don’t think I’m more capable than others since that would imply I’m special or different somehow and there’s lots of people with my capabilities. I suppose you get to say that when you’re batman “i’m more capable than everyone else”.


    Peasprout Reply:

    @starfish, Leave it to you to work Batman into your comment. :) But seriously, good insight.


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