Anniversary Redux

By , August 19, 2005

This is the only entry that is too cubbing to re-post to the new blog.

If I change my mind, I’ll post it. *cub ears*

The comment exchange with my stalker is pretty rad though. At least you can still see that bit of lore.


14 Responses to “Anniversary Redux”

  1. AfroLeft says:

    Peace out and take care, Pea.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m posting anonymously because I know you in real life. I know you are torn up about Sue right now but keep in mind you are a great guy. More than a few times we girls have sat around talking about ideal boyfriends and more than once your name came up. We saw how you treated Sue and how you are as a person. You’ll get over this and find someone new. Don’t lost faith! And come back to Xanga sooner than later!!


    Shadowluv Reply:

    @Anonymous, I totally agree with Miss Anonymous. You are a wonderful guy. I’ll always remember how you helped me through my divorce (even though you may not know you did) I’ll miss sharing your life Peasprout. Take care and hurry back.


  3. Insecurity is not like a bad-hair day, you get it today and it might be gone tomorrow. It takes time to build up one’s self-assuredness. Those who have said that they “are leaving Xanga,” less than 30% succeeded. And you are still very much there–reading, editing, anticipating a reaction, why lie to yourself. Let it be; let yourself be.


    Peasprout Reply:

    @Dr. Michaelangelo, Whatever you say, “doctor.” The email you just sent me sounds an awful lot like it was written by Stalker-Girl Yukitonbo…


    Yukitonbo Reply:

    @Peasprout, Okay you caught me. I was only trying to learn more information and help.


  4. Janello3 says:

    Thank you for sharing. Unsolicited advice from strangers (and even people you know) sucks so I’ll stop here.

    Take care.

    I’ll think of you if I need a DJ.


  5. Micey says:

    Hey you… I’m glad you’re closing this chapter of your life and venturing onto the next. I, along with all your friends, will be here to support you every step of he way.

    Take care and know that you are loved by all your friends.


  6. I just wanted to say goodbye, and that I will miss reading your entries. You were pretty much the only person in my xanga universe (myself included) who wrote well-written thoughtful entries, not just a diary of what happened that day, and I really liked the constrast. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you, even if it is on this very weird internet level. If you ever find yourself in the DC area again and want to hit some museums or something let me know.

    ~ Christie


  7. Pickled Sour says:

    never in my life have been more touched. i literally cried because i felt your pain. good bye pee pee. i miss you already


  8. angelstar23 says:

    very touching thought. good luck with the future. take care!!


  9. Bamber says:

    At least you are still reading, if not posting. I hope your hiatus ends soon. :) <3


  10. oh no….

    i just returned to xanga & my heart goes out to you.


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