A Less-Than-Thorough Inspection

By , November 1, 2004

Way back in the summer (June 12 to be precise), I was in a minor car accident. The aftermath of that was lame enough– at the scene the other driver admitted he had tried to go straight from a right turn only lane and hit me. He said he realized he was at fault and would accept blame. Later, when he called his insurance company he told them he was about to turn right when I turned into him. Some people have no sense of honor, but that is not the point of this post. Today’s story centers around the inspection my van underwent at a local auto shop as part of the settlement.

Several months have passed since I took the van in for the inspection. Today the insurance company called to offer a settlement. The agent told me that the agency intended to deduct money from my payment because my van has problems with both its engine and transmission. Interesting, I thought, as the inspector never physically touched my van, let alone looked under the hood. He took some pictures, and that was it.

I mentioned this to the agent, and she promised to check and call me back.

She just called back a few minutes ago. The inspector admits he didn’t actually touch the van, but he said that when I pulled into the shop it sounded like a van that might have a bad engine and transmission.

Needless to say, the insurance agent agreed to add the amount deducted back into my settlement.


16 Responses to “A Less-Than-Thorough Inspection”

  1. Bamber says:

    What a sham!! Glad you stood up for yourself. :)


  2. YukiTonbo says:

    oh, 2 days before my bday.


  3. stelladoro says:

    that’s unacceptable! glad to hear that you came out unscathed (physically though). There’s a Chinese saying that goes “using money to block misfortunes” -good luck always follow bad luck. call me superstitious but that’s actually been true in my experiences ..


  4. BigBadBalla says:

    Election day is here!


    Peasprout Reply:

    @BigBadBalla, The early returns have Bush winning his bid for re-election. Will they hold?


    Tammygirl Reply:

    @Peasprout, He won! Not that I can really celebrate. It’s definitely scary to be republican in Massachussetts!


    Thursday Next Reply:

    @Tammygirl, I completely agree!!!


  5. amandaness says:

    I love it when people do what I say!! : )

    And the map was soooo cute with all that red on it!!


  6. YukiTonbo says:

    I will try not to comment unless you comment on mine, too.


  7. YukiTonbo says:

    oops, i just did it


  8. YukiTonbo says:

    oh no, i did it again


  9. Momma Hoop says:

    Peasprout…..I’m impressed! I’ll leave you with a quote I think you will like.

    Truth never plays false roles of any kind, which is why people are so surprised when meeting it. Everyone must decide whether he wants the uncompromising truth or a counterfeit version of truth. Real wisdom consists of recommending the truth to yourself at every opportunity.
    –Vernon Howard


  10. Hola P ! Are you going thru the whole JBond series ?

    I haven’t seen Incredibles yet .. I’m counting down the mins til showtime ! Whoopity doo !

    How are you ? Haven’t seen you since Mar ! ~P


    Peasprout Reply:

    @Dirti Martini, It has been forever. When shall we do “trivia night?”


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