Watch the Monkey

By , October 28, 2004

Not that long ago, while at a local Denny’s, I happened upon a machine filled with stuffed animals, ripe for the plucking. All one need do is pop in a coin to test one’s skill, and possibly win a toy. It seems normal enough, right?

But take a look– do you notice anything unusual about the machine and/or its contents?

Curious George in a Machine

If not, take a closer look:

Curious George is Dead!

Now do you see? The animals are DEAD! Curious George has gone blue in the face, as have his stuffing-filled chums. The Denny’s folks forgot to feed the animals! Shame on them.


8 Responses to “Watch the Monkey”

  1. YukiTonbo says:

    yeah, because too many people are like you who only “look” at the animal in the machine but do not play, so Denny’s ran out of fund to feed them. You should have rescured him.
    Or, maybe CG is just cold, so he turned blue.
    Or, he dropped into the blue paint bucket when he was playing with his bunny pal.


  2. Fizzy Pop says:

    i’d love to see the beautiful babies that blue-faced georgie and suntanned hello kitty would make


  3. amandaness says:

    silly silly peasprout. you amuse me. :D


  4. Pink Glove says:

    that monkey is so wrong … but it made me giggle.


  5. YukiTonbo says:

    This year for Halloween, CG is playing dead, what success!.


  6. mc2vh says:

    wow, what a great observation. LOL


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