Los Angeles to Atlanta – Day Two

By , June 19, 2004

Many, many shirtless scrawny men sporting mullets, discarded beer bottles everywhere, bugs the size of a grown man’s thumb– yep, I’m in Texas.

A real live Texan girl tried to pick me up. Actually, she didn’t even waste time with that– she accosted me in the hallway and invited herself into my motel room. I politely declined, and she replied, somewhat sadly, “I guess you don’t want to get to know a southern girl.” I guess not.

I put seven new CDs into the changer today:

Radio Soul Wax Hang the DJ vol. 1
Radiohead OK Computer
Iron Maiden Powerslave
Moby Play
Lou Reed Transformer
Frank Sinatra The Capitol Years
Suede Coming Up


2 Responses to “Los Angeles to Atlanta – Day Two”

  1. My only non-negotiable claim to shallowness is that anyone who wears a mullet will not receive an initial approach from me, and probably won’t get much of a response if they initiate.

    A girl has to have her standards.


  2. yaleelee says:

    i saw one today while shopping for housewares. also, my friend’s boyfriend was growing a swell one for the heck of it. he finally cut it a month ago, she was ecstatic. understandably.


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