Derrick’s Depth, or Kurt’s Poor English Skills?

By , May 12, 2004

Derrick: And he looked in my eyes and he said, “I don’t understand you.” Isn’t that amazing, that he saw how complex I am?

Mary: Maybe he just didn’t understand you.

Derrick: What do you mean?

Mary: You said he didn’t understand English very well. Maybe he just… didn’t understand you.


8 Responses to “Derrick’s Depth, or Kurt’s Poor English Skills?”

  1. Bamber says:

    This is too funny! What is it??


  2. *shakes her head and laughs*


  3. BigBadBalla says:

    lol. Likeyour site. Propz LMAO


  4. CHiTaLiaNO says:

    Omg…Hahahaha…did u make that up?


  5. Fizzy Pop says:

    is that something you overheard?


    Peasprout Reply:

    @Fizzy Pop, C’mon Fippy! It’s from Party Girl.


  6. You’re hilarious !! Too bad I already RSVP’d for 1. :( You’re top o’ the list, next wedding ! Haha. Trivia next Wed at O’Neill’s ! ~PK


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